Wolfe & Wyman LLP
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Practice Areas: Title Insurance

Wolfe & Wyman LLP has significant experience representing title insurance companies, as well as their insureds, throughout California, Nevada and Florida in state and federal district and bankruptcy courts under lender, owner and other title insurance policies and products. This representation includes:

Defense of Insureds: Wolfe & Wyman has successfully defended owner insureds and lender insureds in a variety of real property disputes involving claims of forgery, undue influence, and lack of capacity. Wolfe & Wyman has also defended insureds against claims relating to the validity, enforceability, and priority of the insured’s interests against claims involving boundary and easement disputes.

Curative Title: Wolfe & Wyman has experience in prosecuting title curative actions on behalf of insureds seeking to remove title defects, establishing easement rights, reforming title documents, and partition real property

Carrier Representation: Wolfe & Wyman has experience representing title insurance carriers in the prosecution of subrogation actions for recoupment of paid claims and in the defense of title insurance carriers against insured and third party claims arising from preliminary report and title policy disputes

Escrow Representation: Wolfe & Wyman also has experience in defending escrow companies owned by title insured carriers against claims by escrow parties and third parties involving escrow disputes. Wolfe & Wyman has experience in the prosecution of interpleader actions based on disputes to escrow funds.

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